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Should I buy by weight or volume?

We sell logs by volume rather than weight. The weight of logs varies depending on their moisture content and species, so if you are buying by weight you could just be paying for water.

Please note that all our logs are supplied loose filled, be it in nets, bulk bags or trailer loads.

How much firewood do I need?

Customers often ask how much wood that they should buy for the winter. This depends on lots of factors including the size of your stove, the size of your house, how often you light the fire etc.

As an approximate guide, a small log burner (approx. 5 kilowatt stove) used in the evenings and at weekends would probably use 2-4 cubic metres through the colder months. Larger stoves and those who rely on logs for all their heating can use between 6 and 18 cubic metres.

We have lots of wood in stock, so if in doubt you can buy a small load and have another load delivered later or keep the wood dry and it will be ready for next winter.

Should I buy different types of wood if I have an open fire?

Any timber can spit, so you should always use a fire guard, but some species are more prone to spitting than others. If you have an open fire, please purchase the premium logs. These are species which have a lower risk of spitting.

What type of wood do you use?

We only use good quality hardwood, the main species being oak, hornbeam, beech, ash, birch, elm and sweetchestnut. Certain species are more suitable for log burners than open fires. We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Where do the logs come from?

Winstree Logs are felled from managed woodlands in Essex, licensed under the Forestry Commission.

How are the logs seasoned?

All our logs are seasoned for a minimum of two years.

What size are the logs?

Our logs are typically 10 inches (250mm) in length, however, we are happy to provide logs to fit the size of your burner or open fire.

When can you deliver?

We hold a huge stock of fire word, so we can deliver year round at a time convenient for you.

What should I expect when my logs are delivered?

Bulk Bags
Bulk bags are delivered by a 4 x 4 truck and trailer. The logs will be left in the bag in a convenient place that can be accessed by the truck and trailer. We can collect the bag on your next order. We do not stack the logs.

Loose Loads
Loose load orders are delivered by a 4 x 4 truck and trailer.They will be tipped on your drive or a convenient place accessible by the truck and trailer. If you would like them tipped on a stone drive, we advise that you lay a tarpaulin down first, to keep the drive clear of any loose bark. We do not stack the logs.

We would be happy to talk you through the best options for your wood burner, open fire or chiminea and can deliver year round at your convenience.
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